Recipes for readers: Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook dishes by Ericka Sanchez

There’s a commonality in most every book I’ve written and it won’t surprise those who know me that it’s food. I don’t profess to be a culinary genius or even a true gourmet (as my current lunch of black cherry yogurt and rolled-up deli turkey would attest). But, I do like to cook and toContinue reading “Recipes for readers: Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook dishes by Ericka Sanchez”

Gabby Garcia’s Haiku How-To

Haiku, here’s the thing Seventeen syllables are Easy-ish to string Gabby Garcia is, above all else, a pitcher. An all-star pitcher. She loves baseball because anything can happen but she also loves that, to a degree, the rules make sense. In GABBY GARCIA’S ULTIMATE PLAYBOOK, my first middle grade novel where I introduce Gabby andContinue reading “Gabby Garcia’s Haiku How-To”

Falling In Love is Hard on Your Me(s)

Back in the day, the poets used to write about falling in love like it was magical, mysterious, complex, maybe even a little painful. We didn’t know the how, and definitely not about the why. But, apparently, all those poets were idiots. Today, things are warmer, fuzzier and explained in full in millions of listiclesContinue reading “Falling In Love is Hard on Your Me(s)”

If You Are What You Eat, My Baby Will Be a Smorgasboard

Just wanted to share this piece I wrote for, about the terrors of wanting to eat everything while pregnant. An excerpt: I want morels and mussels and slippery escargot with a crusty baguette. If I had long-distance telekinesis, I’d immediately order a poppy-seed bagel from Zabar’s, and that’s after I just had to stop myselfContinue reading “If You Are What You Eat, My Baby Will Be a Smorgasboard”

Get The Summers Free Through August 2!

I’m so excited to announce that the Kindle edition of my new book, The Summers, is free on Amazon through August 2 via Whispernet. It’s super-easy to get your copy. Just visit for details and the link. (And don’t forget to share the info with your favorite readers!) Here’s a little more on the book:Continue reading “Get The Summers Free Through August 2!”

Happy Casimir Pulaski Day!

I woke up this morning with the really strong feeling that I should have the day off work. Then, I checked my email and had a message from Millie’s Pierogi, a mail-order pierogi outfit based in Ohio. (Yes, I subscribe to a lot of e-commerce newsletters through which I can order meats, cheeses and starches.)Continue reading “Happy Casimir Pulaski Day!”

The Oscars’ Most YA-Worthy Moment That Probably Didn’t Really Happen

I’m supposed to be working a new project right now. But, every time I go to type, I instead picture the awkward moments we didn’t see at the Academy Awards. So, in hopes of restoring some of my productivity, here’s the moment I want to see: ANNE HATHAWAY, perky and flushed pink, is powdering herContinue reading “The Oscars’ Most YA-Worthy Moment That Probably Didn’t Really Happen”