‘The End of the World’ Now Available for Kindle

I’m a little late in posting this, but The End of the World as We Know It is now available for Kindle! (You can buy it for your Kindle device or app on Amazon.) If you want more information on the book, check out the cover copy and get linked to an excerpt here. IfContinue reading “‘The End of the World’ Now Available for Kindle”

Hey, Richard Scarry, Where Are the Novelists?

In the past week, much has been made of the article, “The Busy Trap,” on the New York Times’ website. Much being made, these days, means that a whole slew of people posted the article to their Facebook Timeline and then went back to playing Bubble Witch Saga. But, seriously, the writer, Tim Kreider, isContinue reading “Hey, Richard Scarry, Where Are the Novelists?”

Under Construction

Picture a glorious web site, filled with funny quips, cute pictures, insights, heart, hilarity, unicorns, reading recommendations and giant globs of self promotion. Now keep that in your head until my team and I can transform this placeholder site into just such a place. Even more important, please watch here for updates on my soonContinue reading “Under Construction”