Iva-Marie Palmer has written professionally for more than half her life, but has never been satisfied with her ABOUT ME pages. She has learned to say that this is because she defies branding. (Also, that she’d much rather know about you.) But if she had to lock in a few solidly “about her” things, she’d say she has a lifelong commitment to reading, candy, and things that are fun, but believes the word “fun” cuts a wide swath so that fun could include everything from roller skating to psychological thrillers.

She is the author of the middle grade series GABBY GARCIA’S ULTIMATE PLAYBOOK, and the young adult novels THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, ROMEO, JULIET & JIM (with Larry Schwarz), THE SUMMERS, and GIMME EVERYTHING YOU GOT.

She lives in Burbank, California, with her husband and two sons, all of whom are fun.

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