MVP Summer Is Almost Here!

I realized in making this post that I just might write books faster than I update this site. A good thing for books, a not-great thing for me when I come here and notice I have a lot of work to do! Anyway, this is just a quick note to say a couple things: 1. I really do hope to post a bit more frequently. Not that if you’re into hearing from me frequently you can’t already do that on Twitter (where I am… a lot) or Instagram, but because lately I’ve been thinking I’d like to use this space for updates (what a concept!) and the occasional post about a great thing I read or saw or did. But… we’ll see. Just know that I am often writing great posts in my head. And, 2. the second book in Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook series is almost here! MVP Summer, per the blurb:

Summer is here, and pitching phenom Gabby Garcia has another hot streak all planned out! After she’s invited to join an elite baseball league and asked out by her crush, it seems like Gabby is bound to achieve her MVP dreams.

But life loves throwing Gabby curveballs. And when her BFF Diego returns from Costa Rica with a totally oddball new hobby, it feels like their once solid friendship is suddenly biting the dust. Thank goodness Gabby has her playbook!

I loved writing this one, and that cover — by Marta Kissi — just might become the color palette to define my season.

Links to preorder, if that’s your thing!

More soon, including an updated bio page that will make mention of my second child, who’s already 3 and a half and likely to be mad at his omission.

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