Tickets, Please

Fill the seats.


Out of a desire not to feed the machine, I’m not linking to any news stories to put this in context, but most will know what I’m writing about.

The best response to the tragedy in Colorado, I think, is to GO to the movies this weekend, NOT bathe in the cable and online terror-lather created by the shooter (whose name I won’t use: he doesn’t deserve to achieve sick fame with his twisted act.) As Roger Ebert pointed out in his great column yesterday, attention paid to this crime is only getting some other sick-in-the-head psycho planning his own spotlight-seeking massacre (and, sadly, it could happen anywhere, not just a theater — have we forgotten all the school, mall, workplace bloodbaths?) So, I’m not reading anymore about it. I’m completely happy to turn off the lights on this right now and there’s literally no better place for that than a darkened theater.

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